Counseling Office Phone (303) 326-1897 • Counseling Office Fax (303) 326-1898

Counselors work with students, teachers, and parents to assist students in having a positive and productive middle school experience, and to help address all the changing needs of the middle school student.

We also have a number of peer counselors. Please see the peer bulletin board in the counseling center.

To see one of the counselors or peer counselors, you must make an appointment. Fill out an appointment slip in the counseling center or get one from your teacher. Give it to the counseling secretary. The counselors will send you a pass with your appointment time on it.

The telephones in the counseling center may be used for school related calls if you have a pass from your teacher. Please do not ask to use them for personal calls such as arranging to go to a friend's house after school. Use the pay phones for those calls.

Please see the counseling secretary if you are planning to move. Do this at least one week in advance, if possible. Also see the counseling secretary any time you have a change in your address, phone number, person you are living with, etc.

Come to the counseling center if you lose your schedule, or if you need to know your schedule for the day.

The counseling office does not have locker combinations, nor do we make schedule changes. See the main office for these matters.

The Counseling center also has information on a variety of programs and resources in the community to help those with special problems or needs. See your counselor if you need help but are not sure where to get it.

Counseling Services:

Students and parents are encouraged to use our counseling services at any time. Counselors are in the building full-time. To schedule an appointment, call the counseling office at (303) 326-1897 and ask the secretary for an appointment.

Student Counseling Services Include:

  • Classroom activities designed to help meet the needs of all students.
  • Small group activities designed to focus on topics which may be of particular interest or meet a particular need of some students.
  • Individual counseling (available to all students at their own request or by referral from teachers or parents).
  • Orientation for new students.
  • Peer counseling.

Parent Counseling Services Include:

  • Parent-teacher conferences.
  • Parent consultation. Counselors are available to meet with parents to discuss any concerns about their children.

Homework Requests:

Homework will be requested from teachers when a student has been absent for at least three consecutive days. Please call the counseling office at (303) 326-1897 first thing in the morning. Requests will then be sent up to teachers before their planning times. Some of the teams have a "Homework Hotline" that your student can check daily -- inquire with your child's teacher. If you made a request through the counseling office, the work will be available for pickup after 2:50 in the counseling office. Please be considerate of teachers' and the counseling secretary's time -- if you request the homework, please pick it up when you asked to have it ready.