No Place for Hate

Columbia Middle School is a designated No Place for Hate school. Cyber-bullying has become a huge problem in our nation’s schools.

Columbia students and staff are taking a stand against cyber-bullying by making students aware of the problem.  

During the PRIDE Activities, teachers are giving students practical solutions to avoid/extinguish bullying situations. Recently students created posters to help spread awareness of what cyber-bullying is and what to do about it.

During PRIDE Activities students were given the Safe2Tell website. They were also reminded that the Safe2Tell phone number is on the back of their badges as well in case they need to report a bullying incident. Columbia is taking a stand against bullying!

Heather Schneider 7th Grade was the winning poster design for the no bullying poster contest.




Continuing Columbia's commitment as a No Place for Hate the students are learning about Cyber Bullying.


                      Clayton Savage







                                                                                                                                                                                            Jessica Hixson        











                                           Megan Meyer




                                                                                  Viktor Gemelev