Principal Letter / Carta del director

VisionColumbia Middle School

Creating Engaged Learners


In partnership with our community, we accelerate learning for all students to develop the knowledge, skills and character necessary to shape successful futures.


All members of the Columbia community will practice:

  • To develop and maintain positive and supportive relationships among staff, students, and parents in order to achieve academic and social success.

Achievement Goal

Columbia's academic environment includes the:

  • systematic collection, analysis and use of data,
  • development of capacity using goal setting, collaboration and continuous learning,
  • use of questioning to promote critical and creative thinking, and
  • to improve academic achievement for everyone.

Environment Goal

Coumbia is a positive school environment where everyone:

  • recognizes and celebrates success,
  • engages in learning
  • solves questions to promote critical and creative thinking,
  • solves problems collaboratively and respectfully and
  • interacts in a courteous, welcoming and respectful manner

Professional Development Goal Setting

How will our goals and supporting actions contribute to a successful professional team and have a sustained impact on improving student acheievment in a postive school environment where the community entrusts us with their children knowing that we will meet their diverse social and academic needs?

Links to Survey Data

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