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Cafeteria Guidelines:

Cafeteria Office Phone: 303-326-1151

  • When students come to lunch, they should bring their coats, hats, and any other items as they will not be allowed to return to their lockers.
  • Students should walk while inside the cafeteria and behave in an orderly manner so as not to disturb others during lunch.
  • Students will maintain school cleanliness by never throwing food, by leaving their tables and areas clean, by turning in their lunch trays properly, and by putting trash into the trash receptacles.
  • Students will be allowed to use the restroom immediately across the hall from the cafeteria. No other restroom may be used during lunch.
  • Students are not to go any other place in the building unless written permission is given by a staff person. Students must have this written permission before coming to lunch. They will not be allowed to go back into the building to get the written permission.
  • Students will not take food, pop cans, milk cartons, etc. outside the lunch area. Students are to be cooperative in the lunchroom snack line. They must be in a single file and they can not buy for one another.
  • Students will remain in the designated area until the supervisory personnel directs them to return to class.
  • Students may play games, four square, basketball, touch football, etc.; however, they should do this in such a manner so as not to run into anyone.
  • Students are expected to get along with their classmates. Rough play or fighting will never be tolerated.
  • Students will respectfully follow the directions of all lunchroom personnel.
  • A phone is provided in the commons. This is the only phone students are allowed to use during lunch.

The staff at Columbia is concerned about providing the best possible atmosphere for student learning and development. This includes not only the classroom environment but all sections of our school.

An area of particular concern is the cafeteria. As a result of this concern, we have established some behavior guidelines and a detention system. The purpose of this system is to help ensure a pleasant lunchroom environment.

The specific guidelines established are as follows:

Columbia Middle School students are expected to eat lunch at school unless special permission to go home for lunch is authorized. Students may not leave school grounds to go to other students' homes, parks, stores, or fast food outlets. After the first day of school, lunch pass permits can be obtained from the office.

Students who do not comply with these guidelines will be given consequences for their actions. We hope that you will support this program. It is our goal to make Columbia Middle School a better place for students and staff alike.

Some families may qualify for the federal free or reduced meal program. Nutrition Services will be centralizing the processing of free and reduced meal applications for the school year. All applications are sent out by the nutrition office sometime around the middle of June. The families are to return the completed applications to nutrition services. They will process the applications and inform the families of their status. Columbia will be sent a list of qualifying students. Questions regarding this procedure should be directed to nutrition services at 303-343-0295.

Computerized Lunch Program:

The cafeteria is now using a computerized meal program. This system allows us to provide better service to both students and parents, as well as account for all meals served at Columbia. Each student will be assigned a personal keypad number with four or five digits. As long as the student continues to be enrolled at Columbia, the same number will be utilized.

During mealtime, students will key in their keypad number on a keypad. The current money balance in the student's meal account will be shown on the register screen. If an account has enough money, the transaction will be processed and the amount of the meal will be deducted from the student's balance. If there is not enough money in the account, a wrong number keyed or the number has already been used that day, a beep will sound and the cafeteria cashier will handle the situation.

All students are assigned a number to participate in the lunch program. This protects the anonymity of those students receiving free or reduced meals.

Money is collected in the morning before school begins from 8:00 to 8:20 am (except on Wednesdays). Checks should have the student's name and meal account number noted. Cash or checks will be accepted for deposits. Payments into an account can be for one or more meals. Food Services encourages students to prepay for a number of meals at once in order to reduce the need for frequent deposits and daily cash handling.

The prices for lunch are:

One Meal
Ten Meals
Reduced Lunch
$ .40
$ 4.00
Full Paid Lunch

$ 2.45




Adult Lunch
$ 3.45
Half Pint of Milk
$ .70
An account balance cannot be shared by different children in the same household. Payments must be received during the school's scheduled time to ensure placement into the student's meal account.

Any money left in an account at the end of the year will be available for that student's use in the next school year. For those students who transfer from one school to another within the district, any money left in a student meal account will be available at the new school within a week of transfer. Students leaving the district will receive a refund of the balance of their account. This refund will be made upon our receipt of a written request from the student's parent or guardian. Refunds of $20.00 and under will be made in cash at the school site. Refunds larger than $20.00 will be issued with a check that will be mailed to your home.

Please remember that the student meal account number issued belongs to your son or daughter. This meal number is confidential and should not be shared with other students or family numbers. A student number can be used for only one lunch per day.

Lunch Credit Prices This Year

When lunch credits are purchased in multiples of 10's there is a .05 cent discount on each lunch.

$ 24.00
$ .50
20 $ 48.00 $1.00
$ 72.00
$ 96.00
$ 120.00
$ 144.00
News From Nutrition Services:

Nutrition Services has an on-line and/or phone meal and ala carte payment system. The name of the system is Payschools Central.

Payschools Central will enable you to check account balances and make payments online or by phone. We want to make obtaining a meal or a la carte items as easy as possible for our students. If Payschools Central is used, your student will not have to pay for meals in the morning and the lines will be faster at lunchtime if students don't have to pay as they go through to get their meal. When you register or anytime thereafter, you can set up e-mail notification when your student's balance falls below a certain dollar value. Also, automatic payments can be scheduled.

What is the best news about this new payment system? It is absolutely free to our parents. Nutrition Services will be paying the service charge so you only pay for the meals and ala carte items. Also, the fifty cent discount still applies when you purchase meals in groups of ten days.

Please read the following information if you and your students are ready for the security and convenience of online or phone payments. One less hassle as your students rush out the door for school.