PTSO is an organization meant to bring school and family closer together to achieve common goals like educating our children:

  • Develop a secure environment for every student to achieve at the highest levels.
  • Promote effective communication between the community and the school’s activities.
  • Provide better understanding between, parents, teachers, students, and school staff.

Also we are present to subsidize funding through fundraising programs and activities at Columbia Middle School.

Interesting information about Parental Involvement and Student Achievement:

  • Research shows that parents that are involved with students help them to become successful in school.
  • What better way to stay informed and current about issues going on in your community?
  • You get the opportunity to have your voice heard about concerns you have in your community and schools.
  • Parents that are involved are also responsible for making these events successful.
  • We need your help especially with exciting new ideas to help get our community involved.

As parents, students and staff you are already member of Columbia Middle Schools PTSO. All you have to do is come to the meetings and you are all welcome. The meetings take place in the Staff Lounge. Just come to the main office entrance at Columbia Middle School and join in on the FUN. 

2018-2019 Meeting Dates (6:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

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Parent Teacher Student Organization

PTSO Meeting Minutes 2014-2015

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 PTSO Meeting Minutes 2013-2014

PTSO August 2013 Minutes                         No meeting in September due to Weather

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