Dear APS Community,

Although this is far from a typical summer break, we hope you are relaxing and finding fun and creative ways to spend time with your families.

As we continue to plan for the upcoming school year, we want to keep you updated on our planning efforts and ask for your input about some of the possibilities that we are considering. Of course, the health and safety of our students, staff and community comes first. Thus, we continue to work closely with the Tri-County Health Department to ensure that our planning complies with updated health guidance. In addition, we will need to comply with all state and federal guidelines. 

As I shared with you previously, APS staff have been working to plan for three potential scenarios: learning in-person, remote learning, or a hybrid of the two. Although the hybrid model is most likely, our team is looking at planning for each of these scenarios and considering the implications for academics, our physical structure, business operations and the social-emotional health of our students and staff. 

In a hybrid model, APS will need to follow health guidelines in our schools and with transportation. Meeting social distancing requirements will likely mean limiting the number of students and staff who are in the same classrooms and school buses. This will significantly restrict the number of students who we can serve in-person at any given time. Meals will also likely need to be served in classrooms in order to limit the number of times that groups of students move within buildings. In alignment with health guidance, all students and staff will likely be required to wear masks. There will likely be limited opportunities for students to use parts of buildings, playgrounds and interact between student groups.

We recognize that every family is unique and will have different values, needs and challenges. Some families will be eager to get their children back into in-person classrooms. Others may prefer to keep their children at home and continue to learn remotely. We are asking all of you to take this survey to share your input with us. We ask that you please complete the survey by Sunday, June 7 at midnight.  

We are planning to share the framework for APS’ recovery plan with the Board of Education during its meeting on June 9. All Board meetings are streamed online and the agendas and materials are available on the Board website at

We will also be sharing the recovery plan framework and survey results with you. 

Thank you for taking the time to share your valuable input. Your voice and partnership are critical in ensuring every APS student shapes a successful future.

- Superintendent Rico Munn






Dear Columbia Community,


I hope this letter finds everyone safe and healthy.  We have reached the completion of our 2019-20 school year.  This year did not end like any of us would have imagined even two months ago.  This year has brought smiles and tears like no other year in my twenty years in Aurora Public Schools.  One thing I can definitively say is that this is the most resilient group of young people I have been around in my career.  The Columbia students took this unique challenge head-on and engaged in a way no one saw possible earlier in the school year.  For that, I want to say thanks!  The future is very bright for our students.  I want to take a moment and say thanks to our families that took on additional responsibilities immediately in incredibly trying times.  As Principal, I’m proud of our community and everything that it offers.  We pick each other up in a time of need and that is the Cougar Way!  We do not know what the future will hold, but I do know that our staff, students, and families will support each other through the process. 


As you have heard from Superintendent Munn, the school district is working closely with Tri-County Health and area school districts to determine a plan for the start of next school year.  As soon as that is determined we will make sure you know the plan for Columbia.  In the meantime, below you will see some frequently asked questions to close out this school year.


What will be my student’s grades for the 4th Quarter?

The intent of our work this 4th quarter was around remote access to learning material.  Students engaged in Edgenuity and other learning opportunities.  Because of the pandemic and significant strain put on families abruptly, the District has determined that middle school students will not receive grades this quarter. As we close out May, we no longer have access to Edgenuity. This resource was ended by the District at the end of May. Please review the additional learning resources your student can utilize throughout the summer. As always, stay safe, please reach out to the school if you have any


What additional learning resources will be available over the summer to support my student?

There are numerous resources available over the summer.  Please click here to learn more about all the resources available in all subject areas.


How will my student get their yearbook and any additional items not picked up during essential locker check-out?

We will communicate a date closer to the start of the next school year to pick up any additional items (including yearbooks) from the school.  This date is to be determined by the District.  In the meantime, if you have any essential items that still need to be picked up please email Craig Lyle at


Will there be any culminating events for 8th-grade students?

This question really breaks my heart.  As you know, we were forced to cancel the 8th grade formal and Commitment to Graduate Ceremony.  These are two cornerstone events of the 8th-grade year.  We are still looking to plan an event to bring our 8th-grade students back to reconnect and sign the Commitment to Graduate banner that will proudly hang in our hallway.  We are planning to do this as a BBQ when it is safe to come together in person.   Click here for some cool pictures of our 8th-grade class.


I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to thank our outgoing PTSO President Cindy Brysh.  She has been a tremendous support to Columbia and will be deeply missed.  I want to thank all of PTSO for their support this school year.


I’m proud to be a part of the Columbia community and wish everyone a wonderful summer.  Over the course of the summer please look for the following items: 

  • Remote Learning Parent/Student Survey
  • Summer mailer w/ information for the 2020-21 school year
  • School Messenger updates with important information.


If you have not been receiving the school messenger updates (typically once a week via phone, text, email) please let Joselynn Campos know at



Thank you for your continued partnership,

Craig Lyle

Principal, Columbia MS


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Estimada comunidad de Columbia:


Espero que esta carta encuentre a todos sanos y salvos. Hemos llegado a la finalización de nuestro año escolar 2019-20. Este año no terminó como cualquiera de nosotros hubiera imaginado hace dos meses. Este año ha traído sonrisas y lágrimas como ningún otro año en mis veinte años en las Escuelas Públicas de Aurora. Una cosa que puedo decir definitivamente es que este es el grupo de jóvenes más resistente que he conocido en mi carrera. Los estudiantes de Columbia tomaron este desafío único de frente y participaron de una manera que nadie vio posible a principios del año escolar. Por eso, quiero decir gracias! El futuro es muy brillante para nuestros estudiantes. Quiero tomarme un momento y agradecer a nuestras familias que asumieron responsabilidades adicionales inmediatamente en tiempos increíblemente difíciles. Como director, estoy orgulloso de nuestra comunidad y de todo lo que ofrece. ¡Nos recogemos en un momento de necesidad y esa es la forma de los Cougars! No sabemos lo que deparará el futuro, pero sí sé que nuestro personal, estudiantes y familias se apoyarán mutuamente durante el proceso.

Como escuchó del Superintendente Munn, el distrito escolar está trabajando en estrecha colaboración con Tri-County Health y los distritos escolares del área para determinar un plan para el comienzo del próximo año escolar. Tan pronto como se determine eso, nos aseguraremos de que conozca el plan para Columbia. Mientras tanto, a continuación verá algunas preguntas frecuentes para cerrar este año escolar.


¿Cuáles serán las calificaciones de mi estudiante para el cuarto trimestre?

La intención de nuestro trabajo este cuarto trimestre fue el acceso remoto al material de aprendizaje. Estudiantes comprometidos con Edgenuity y otras oportunidades de aprendizaje. Debido a la pandemia y la tensión significativa que ejercen abruptamente las familias, el Distrito ha determinado que los estudiantes de secundaria no recibirán calificaciones este trimestre. Los estudiantes continuarán teniendo acceso a Edgenuity hasta el 30 de junio para completar cualquier aprendizaje inacabado. Si los estudiantes tienen alguna pregunta sobre Edgenuity hasta el 30 de junio, pueden comunicarse con Emily Lavery en 


¿Qué recursos de aprendizaje adicionales estarán disponibles durante el verano para apoyar a mi estudiante?

Hay numerosos recursos disponibles durante el verano. Haga clic aquí para obtener más información sobre todos los recursos disponibles en todas las materias.


¿Cómo obtendrá mi estudiante su anuario y cualquier artículo adicional que no se recoja durante el check-out del casillero esencial?

Comunicaremos una fecha más cercana al comienzo del próximo año escolar para recoger cualquier artículo adicional (incluidos los anuarios) de la escuela. Esta fecha será determinada por el Distrito. Mientras tanto, si tiene algún artículo esencial que todavía necesita ser recogido, envíe un correo electrónico a Craig Lyle a


¿Habrá algún evento culminante para los estudiantes de octavo grado?

Esta pregunta realmente me rompe el corazón. Como saben, nos vimos obligados a cancelar la ceremonia formal de Compromiso con los graduados de octavo grado. Estos son dos eventos fundamentales del octavo grado. Todavía estamos buscando planear un evento para que nuestros estudiantes de octavo grado vuelvan a conectarse y firmen el cartel de Compromiso para graduarse que colgará con orgullo en nuestro pasillo. Estamos planeando hacer esto como un BBQ cuando sea seguro reunirse en persona. Haga clic aquí para ver algunas fotos geniales de nuestra clase de octavo grado.


Sería negligente si no me tomara un momento para agradecer a nuestra presidenta saliente de PTSO, Cindy Brysh. Ella ha sido un gran apoyo para Columbia y será profundamente extrañada. Quiero agradecer a todos los PTSO por su apoyo este año escolar.

Estoy orgulloso de ser parte de la comunidad de Columbia y les deseo a todos un verano maravilloso. En el transcurso del verano, busque los siguientes elementos:

  • Encuesta de aprendizaje remoto para padres / estudiantes
  • Anuncio de verano con información para el año escolar 2020-21
  • School Messenger se actualiza con información importante.

Si no ha estado recibiendo las actualizaciones de mensajería de la escuela (generalmente una vez por semana por teléfono, mensaje de texto, correo electrónico), infórmeselo a Joselynn Campos en


Gracias por su continua asociación,

Craig Lyle

Director, Columbia MS


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