Athletics Registration


Middle School students have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of activities which include interscholastic athletics, intramurals, clubs and school sponsored activities. Intramurals and clubs are available for all grade levels and will be announced after the school year begins. Students participating in competitive sports must complete and turn in the following forms:

Students must have a physical form and insurance information on file with the school before beginning practice. There are no exceptions to this requirement. Please note that Track season starts the first week of school in August.

The athletic fee is $35.00 per sport. The maximum amount to be paid by a family with two or more athletes in the same school will be limited to $105.00 per school year. The maximum amount to be paid by a family with one athlete will be $70.00. Forms and fees will be collected by the coach when each season starts. A detailed practice and game schedule will be given to the players throughout the year.

Middle/P-8 Level:

Track - Starts August 9th and ends September 16th

Wrestling - Starts September 19th and ends November 11th

Girls' Soccer - Starts September 19th and ends November 11th

Volleyball - Starts November 14th and ends January 20th

Boys' Basketball - Starts January 23rd and ends March 2nd

Girls' Swim - Starts February 6th and ends March 2nd

Girls' Basketball - Starts March 20th and ends May 4th

Boys' Soccer - Starts March 20th and ends May 4th

Broncos Futures Football - Starts March 20th and ends May 11th *Additional Fee for Broncos Futures Football

Where do I get a sports physical?

You can go to your regular/family doctor but make sure you take the district's physical exam form available on the link above. We can also recommend some locations in the Columbia vicinity, but you should call each location to confirm the information before showing up there:

NextCare (Urgent Care)


Southeast corner of Tower and Hampden

(close to Safeway and Quiznos)

Walk-in clinic; Monday-Friday 8am-8pm

Saturday 10am-4pm


MedExpress (Urgent Care)


Southeast corner of Smoky Hill and Chambers

Walk-in clinic; Open daily 8am-8pm


The Little Clinic


Inside King Soopers at Smoky Hill and Himalaya

Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, call for weekend hours


Rocky Mountain (Urgent Care)


Mississippi and Potomac

Open daily 8am-10pm